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GH Scoops & Spoilers 11.14.07

Here's the Scoop!

After Emily's death, Sam and Lucky try to help Nikolas keep it together.

I am seeing more and more that Emily's death is blamed on the mob element. Elizabeth is said to defend Jason to the Q's. There are RUMORS popping up that Sam heads to the PH to offer comfort to her ex but Jason wants no part of it. She's said to tell Jason that Emily's death is his fault, he couldn't save his sister.

Jason believes Nikolas had something to do with his sister's death. Liz will not. Jason continues to investigate the killings.

Nikolas isn't so sure that its anyone's fault but his own. He'll confide in Robin that he doesn't know if he killed Emily or not. More tests will be done on Nikolas as Patrick and Robin desperately try to figure out what is wrong with their friend. Nikolas starts to make plans as he can't see how he's supposed to go on when Emily is gone. At Kelly's, Nikolas is RUMORED to go into a rage when he notices that Georgie wears the same perfume Emily used to wear. 

Georgie's death, mid-December.

Maxie finds her way back to Coop's bed. He'll come in and find her in his room above Kelly's. She'll head downstairs for a post-coital snack and find Georgie's dead body. Nikolas again worries, as he can't recall where he was when Georgie was killed. 

HUGE RUMOR that Kristina Wagner is returning for Georgie's funeral. It was posted on another board that it is in one of the magazines. Supposedly it was a mention in SOW. There was a RUMOR that I passed over slightly....that Felicia gets a mention during Thanksgiving. Apparently Maxie says its time to admit she's abandoned them.

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A ladies night out to remember their friend. It's not an all girls night out though. I hear Patrick and Dr. Leo will be joining them. Not joining them, Elizabeth. Supposedly the scene was filmed after Rebecca Herbst had left for SSW.

Carly wants in on Kate's was her idea afterall.  Jax say no way. Is she going to come up with some crazy plan to get in? Come on, it's Carly! Of course she is.

After Emily's funeral, Carly finds out about Jake. She'll also find out that Sonny has known for awhile. Early RUMORS had a much different reaction out of Carly than we would expect. She's said to be extremely hurt and get this, supposedly QUIET! I'm not buying it.

Patrick and Leyla share a kiss before she goes into surgery....BUT what about the Scrubs reunion? It's still rumored to happen, just not right away. Peyla may seem close as she heads in to get patched up but Patty boy is still said to realize that its Robin he wants. 

There's a RUMOR that Cooper quits the Police Force.

Robin and Sonny Remember Stone. They are said to talk about him and read a letter that Stone wrote to Robin before his death.

Again, I am seeing Robin Christopher is out. When talk started about Lindze's contract, there was also talk that Robin's was coming up as well. Lindze signed the extension but I never heard more about RC. Time will tell.....