GH Scoops & Spoilers 11.15.07

Here's the Scoop!

Goodbye Emily Quartermaine.  Wally Kurth and Scott Clifton are said to have returned to film scenes for Emily's funeral.  Is Dillon coming back again?  RUMOR has it that he will be at Georgie's funeral.  Is he really returning for both or just one?

Speaking of Georgie's Funeral.  Another buzzed about return is Felicia.  Kristina Wagner has been RUMORED to return for her youngest daughter's funeral and NOW I am seeing that her return may be longer than just the funeral.  Fans of Kristina Wagner will remember she did not return during Maxie's heart crisis because at that time she was in school and did not want to stop for a brief return.  She wanted a contract.  They re-casted the role and the character of Felicia returned to Texas when Maxie was better. IF Kristina is returning, I don't see her coming back without some sort of commitment from GH.  We should know more in the next week or two as Georgie's funeral is scheduled to tape around Turkey Day.

Carly is strangled at Wyndamere!  Remember LW gave a scoop that Carly recieves mouth to mouth.  It looks like its Johnny saving Carly.  Guess What?  ZaCrazy has an alibi of sorts when Carly is strangled.  He'll be busy with Jason and Liz when the attempt is made on Carly's life. 

Jason gets a shot at Anthony Zacchara.

Robin is said to get Luke's heart going again after his second heart attack.

Nikolas has just lost the love of his life and is devastated.  Lesley is said to come to Wyndamere with Spencer and her grandson will tell her to keep the little boy for his safety.  Nikolas is RUMORED to have a dream in which he re-lives Emily's murder at his hands.

Jason is said to go to his sister's funeral and hide in the back.  Elizabeth sees him and she delivers a eulogy filled with history.  The cops are RUMORED to show up at the funeral and arrest someone.  Mac is said to believe Zacchara killed Emily.  So who are they arresting?  Some evidence has them making the arrest.

Are Jerry and Alexis locking lips?  That's a RUMOR out there.  Jerry is said to plant one on her to shut her up and get a little rise out of Ric who is RUMORED to be a witness to the kiss.

Scott brings Thanksgiving dinner to his son.  Later Lulu shows up at Logan's to thank him for saving her during their time on the island.  Lu will try to give father and son time alone but its Scott that leaves so Logan and Lulu can talk.

Also spending Turkey Day together....Maxie, Coop, Georgie and Spinelli /Mike, Bobbie, Carly and Jax / Skye and Lila Rae go to the Q's / Tracey and Luke at GH.

Trevor making Sonny an offer?  Can he refuse? I'm hearing no.