Was Mathison's Elimination Rigged?


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy...

Let me preface with a giant allegedly. Online speculation is running rampant on at least three major soap message boards that it wasn't a lack of votes that eliminated Cameron Mathison from Dancing With the Stars but the ABC network itself.

Supposedly, the reasoning behind this speculation is that because Mathison has been scheduled as one of the main hosts of the Soap Cruise (which begins tomorrow) that ABC may have meddled with the results.

Unlike the controversy surrounding Kelly Monaco's win of DWTS and the resulting face off with Hurley, Mathison's elimination was considered by some to be past due. Others however, do not feel he deserved to be eliminated and since the timing seems a bit "suspect" we are now seeing these rumors alleging network meddling have popped up.

Here are my thoughts on the subject. Sure, we all know that ABC daytime never passes up a chance to promote one of their golden boys.

However, I highly doubt that ABC or Disney would risk a scandal involving DWTS which has anywhere from 17 - 25 million views on a nightly basis in order for them to promote a soap actor from a show that averages 2.3 million viewers. Whether intended or not, I'm sure that ABC hoped that having Mathison on DWTS would provide a halo effect and boost All My Children's ratings.

Besides I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC are doing everything they can behind the scenes to ensure the integrity of their voter eliminated shows, seeing how the TV industry in Britain is in the midst of a giant scandal involving rigged eliminations on its reality shows.