GH Scoops & Spoilers 11.16.07

Incredible acting yesterday.  Just incredible.  I'm still in shock and will probably go home tonight and watch it all over again.

Here's The Scoop!

Carly will be the next person strangled.  She'll be ok once Johnny gives her mouth to mouth.  After almost dying, Carly decides to give up her search for Leticia's killer. Also hearing that those early reports that have Carly too hurt to lash out are incorrect.  She should be typical Carly when she finds out Jason & Sonny kept Jake's paternity from her.  Thank God!

Robin's premonitions continue.  They are supposed to be about her own mortality. Georgie's death will hit her hard.  Robin will lean on Patrick.  Is this a flash of what's to come?  RUMOR has it that Robin will be a victim, one that survives.  Any NightShift viewers will remember the ending scene where Patrick is treating Robin on a gurney.  Was this a premonition that's coming true?  Something big is the final push to bring Scrubs back together but will it be Georgie's death or Robin's escape from it?

Robin gives Luke's heart a jump start.  Thank goodness Wyndamere has a portable defibrillator cause Luke needs it after another heart attack.

Is Johnny teaming up with Trevor?  Jason gets two shots off at ZaCrazy who takes a nose dive off the parapet.  RUMORS have him barely hanging on to life and in ICU.  Will someone come and pull the plug?  With AZ gone, how will Trevor run the business? Is Johnny taking the reigns and letting Trevor continue on?

ZaCrazy snatches Liz today after Sonny takes a bullet protecting Kate.  It's Jason to Liz's rescue, the two are said to lock hands and jump. 

Nikolas turns a gun on himself.  Jerry is convinced Nikolas killed Emily and decides its his job to protect Alexis from her nephew.  A little triangle should be brewing as Ric is not happy at all with Jerry and Alexis' relationship.  He'll say its about Molly but is Ric jealous?  I'm still hearing that Robin Christopher will be exiting GH after the new year so it looks like a Jerry/Alexis/Ric triangle will be starting.

RUMORS surrounding Georgie's death are changing.  One has Maxie finding her sister dead at Kelly's.  Another has Mac finding his daughter dead in the park. 

Some Scoop on Steve Burton's movie and hair!  He'll be in a TNT mini-series about John Wesley Hardin in which Burton plays Hardin.  He'll also be a producer on the project.  I'm hearing a shorter-do is happening soon.  He'll have to start growing it back out again when it gets closer to filming. 

Fun Facts!  Who's this guy Steve will be playing? John Wesley Hardin was a gun toting murderer who killed more than 40 people before being sent to prison.  He finished a law degree while locked up and when released, he started practicing.  He was killed while at a bar after a dispute over his prostitute girlfriend.