Sebastian Roche's Beowulf Premier



Update: I really enjoyed the movie. If you haven't gone to the film yet and plan on doing so and want to keep an eye out his character Wulfgar I believe Roche's character this the man on the horse who meets Beowulf on the beach when he and his men first arrive.

I am not entirely positive of this however, because of the live animation style where characters can look extremely human but depending on how the animation is done may not look anything like the actual actor. I did look up BUT I looked up the Beowulf story online and according to what I read the character of Wulfgar is a herald who takes Beowulf to the king and to me that pretty much means the character I mentioned above. I'd love to know if anyone else thinks this is correct or incorrect.

Original: Sebastian Roche's (General Hospital) new movie Beowulf premiers tonight! I've been looking forward to this movie for a long time! For his sake and mine I hope its awesome! Be sure to tune into this next week's episode of Daytime Confidential's sister podcast Movie Junkie for the Movie Junkie gang's thought's on this movie, though I'm sure I'll be back with some thoughts after watching it!

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