Why Do I Love Richie?

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1. Because Richie is so very pretty! (Yes, I really am that shallow...)

2. Because not everyone can get one over on Zach and win. (Yes, Richie used a car to do it but it still counts!)

3. Because of lines like this :

 "he's going to come barreling in here waving those big, strong, yet

completely ineffectual arms of his."

Now when I see Ryan I don't see this: 


Instead, I see this:

Meet the Robinsons

4. Because he has an unnatural preoccupation with spelling. 

5. Because he's really good with kids.

6. Because he is really good with numbers and will look really sexy while he balances my check book.

7. Because he makes Annie interesting.

8. Because even though he is a total psycho he is still nice to Lily. 

9. Because it will be super smoking hot when someone somewhere realizes Richie and Amanda need to be together. 

10. Because he's just Richie and that's all he needs to be.