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GH Scoops & Spoilers 11.19.07

Here's the Scoop!

Lots coming up for Jason and Elizabeth.  Now that the truth is out, they'll have to deal with the aftermath.  But first, they must say goodbye to a sister and a friend.  Look for the two to comfort each other in the wake of Emily's death.  I am still hearing that a love scene was taped to air close to Christmas.  Jason will again propose, but Elizabeth wants to take things slow.  They'll be confirming  their love for one another.  When Lucky and Sam go for custody, Jason MAY demand they marry to show a united front.  Elizabeth still may not go for it.

Lucky and Sam going for custody?  We've dished on that a few times now and I am hearing that Sam encourages Lucky to get the boys away from Elizabeth.  Before though, Sam will tell Lucky everything she did.  She knows it will come out in court and decides to be honest. 

Some of you may be asking how in the heck does Lucky win temporary custody when he isn't either child's father?  Well, Jason's connection to Emily's murder is brought up in court as is Elizabeth's lying.  Apparently that's enough to lose your kids in the Soap World.  But don't count out some connections.  There is a RUMOR that Sam anad Lucky may be using one family's influence to get custody.  Elizabeth will get her children back.  Lucky should be forced to give them back but I am hearing he MAY come to that realization all on his own.

Is Monica finally getting that storyline we've been hearing about?  I mentioned some connections above.  Would you believe me if I told you Monica turns on Jason?  That's the latest.  Monica is beside herself over Emily's death and she blames Jason and his "business" for why her daughter is dead.  RUMORS have Monica testifying against Jason and Elizabeth.  She'll blame Jason for Emily, Alan and AJ's death.  It looks like Edward may not be in on the plan.  He'll be hesitant to allow a Spencer to raise the Quartermaine heir.  Sam is said to help convince Edward that this is the best option.  I am still hearing Liz gets the kids back, may not be right away, but she does get them back. 

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Nikolas is RUMORED to be living a fantasy life with Emily.  She is said to first appear to him on what would be their anniversary.  When he has moments of lucid behavior, they are filled with rage.  Is this a genetic thing as RUMORED once before?  It may be or at least they're trying to make it look that way.  Sam is said to lash out at Kristina when the little girl breaks a Christmas ornament. 

Lulu will not be able to stay away from Johnny Z!  Hey, she's got a thing for bad boys.  Logan will get frustrated with his girlfriend's need to be around Johnny.  Problems are just around the corner for LL3.

Is Johnny going to let Trevor take over his father's territory?  At first, it looks like Johnny will agree to play the role of puppet to Trevor's puppet master.  But that MAY be only to get Trevor where Johnny wants him, comfortable.  RUMORS have Johnny making plans to kill Trevor.

Kate is full steam ahead with her new magazine.  Carly wants in and both Jax and Sonny say no.  When does Carly ever take no for an answer?  Jax isn't too happy about his wife's constant involvement with Sonny. 

Carly and Robin pregnant at the same time?  Carly will start seeing Dr. Lee about getting pregnant with that little girl she wants.  Robin will still be on her mission to have a baby.  It looks like both should be in the family way during February Sweeps.


Annie W has agreed to come back and film for February Sweeps.

Two more deaths after Georgie's.

Trevor blackmails Sonny into breaking Kate's heart.

Maurice Bernard is unhappy..... more on this.  He's been RUMORED to want to work less, especially after his last breakdown.  So far, there has been no changes.