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Weekly Horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope by Susyn Blair-Hunt, MsD

November 19 - November 25, 2007

ARIES: It's all about you this week, and, like Aries Russell Crowe ("Gladiator"), the spotlight seems to follow you wherever you go! The saying "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" holds fast this week. You'll cross paths with some very important people, at the oddest times, and in the most unexpected places. So look sharp, especially if you're invited out for Thanksgiving celebrations. You can't resist a great sale, so this is a stellar weekend to get that holiday shopping done!

TAURUS: You're out and about dispensing great wisdom to the world this week. They have the questions, and you have the answers! Like Taurus Brian Williams of "NBC Nightly News", you're up on the latest, which puts you in the limelight at the Thanksgiving table this year. Don't forget to stop and listen once in a while though, as what you learn just adds to your repertoire of seemingly endless knowledge. Go ahead and indulge on a shopping spree this weekend; after all - Christmas is coming!

GEMINI: Peter Bergman ("AMC"/"Y&R") is one Gemini who's adept at wearing many hats, and you'll have to be a quick change artist yourself this week! You're in high gear, dashing from one place to the next, presenting a proposal to the boss one day, ordering holiday gifts over the Internet during lunch breaks, then dashing off to the kitchen to baste that turkey! Not a problem though - the busier you are, the more you tend to get done, and the happier you feel! You'll probably pass on the sales this weekend; you're more interested in finding the perfect gift for others, price tag aside.

CANCER: Your enduring spirit pays off this week, and you finally get what you've been working towards. Like Cancer Barbara Stanwyk ("The Big Valley") nothing is going to stand in the way of what you want, and the rewards you receive simply inspire you to build even bigger dreams! You're in the mood to cook, so throw together a Thanksgiving feast people will be talking about for days! Lucky them! You'll be too tired to shop after all that work, so cruise the Internet at your leisure, or just hand someone your list as they head out the door.

LEO: Isn't it interesting that Leo, Burt Lahr was chosen to play the part of the Lion in the "Wizard of Oz"? Sentimental, emotional and filled with gratitude, you think of Thanksgiving as synonymous with "family". Expect to be the peacemaker at holiday gatherings, singing the song, "Can't we all just get along?". You've been perplexed over finding the perfect gift for that someone special, and this week, they'll drop a hint!

VIRGO: You always land on your feet, though you may have some trepidation about who'll be at your Thanksgiving table this year. Not to worry though, like Virgo Jacob Young (Lucky Spencer, "GH"), you always find the way out of any sticky situations you might wind up in! If your grace and charm don't win them over, take out that quick wit you're so famous for, and you'll have them eating out of your hands with ease. That is, at least until it's time for turkey dinner! You've got your feet up while others hit the mall, because, of course, your holiday shopping is already done!

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You're generous with your time, your possessions and your sage advice, exemplifying Libra Alicia Silverstone's role as Cher in "Clueless". You're on a mission to brighten up the world wherever you go! Don't over book yourself this week, no matter how strong the urge. To avoid panic this Thanksgiving holiday, consider ordering your holiday dinner prepared in advance. That way you actually have more time to enjoy the festivities! And who wouldn't be grateful for that? You're on the hunt for holiday gifts this weekend; keep in mind, the early bird gets the worm!

SCORPIO: You're walking around with quite an attitude this week, but there's a good chance you'll cross paths with someone whose bravado is even bigger than yours! Like Scorpio Veronica Hamill ("Hill Street Blues"), you'll have to choose your battles wisely. Pay close attention during Thanksgiving dinner conversations: Someone says something that sparks a great idea and inspires a new focus. Resign yourself to the fact you won't be able to get to it till after the weekend, and give yourself permission to relax and have a little fun!

SAGITTARIUS: 'Tis the season for holiday specials on TV, and we can thank Sagittarius Charles Schultz for the traditional Charlie Brown reruns. You're definitely in the holiday mood, determined to make everything as festive as possible! Add a twist to Thanksgiving celebrations with a new dish, one that's sure to become a favorite tradition for years to come. You'll be the first one at the early bird sales this weekend, exhibiting your amazing talent for getting the most for every dollar you spend!

CAPRICORN: Like Capricorn George Reeves (the original "Superman" TV series) you'd like the world to think you're made of steel, but the truth is, you tend to get pretty emotional over family gatherings and the holidays. Your gratitude for the blessings in your life sets the tone on Thanksgiving, a great reminder to others of how abundantly we live. You've been depositing funds into your Christmas club account since last January for holiday gifts; this weekend is a great time to put those funds back into the economy!

AQUARIUS: Resist the urge to rile people up this week, even though it would be so easy! Unlike Aquarius Oprah Winfrey, it won't improve your ratings to stir the pot at the Thanksgiving table. If you take the stance of observer instead, you'll learn some things that will astound even unflappable you! Forget about joining the crowds at the mall this weekend; you can get everything on your shopping list for even less if you track the Internet sales coming in a week or two. Besides, what better time to sneak in a nap after all that turkey, than while everyone else is out shopping?

PISCES: You've got a hand in preparing everything festive this week, making sure that Thanksgiving celebrations are perfect, right down to the harvest napkin rings. Like Pisces director Ron Howard (Opie-"Andy Griffith Show"), your talent lies in multitasking, and the ability to resolve any last minute changes or troubles that appear. In fact, you'll manage to make them work in your favor! You may have to break out the charge cards to take advantage of weekend sales, even though you promised yourself you wouldn't.

Celebrity Birthdays This Week:
Ted Turner (TNT), Bo Derek ("10"), Goldie Hawn ("Laugh-In"), Robert Vaughn ("Man From U.N.C.L.E."), Miley Cyrus ("Hannah Montana"), Stanley Livingston (Chip, "My Three Sons"), and Christina Applegate ("Married With Children").

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