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One Life to Live star Farah Fath recently did an interview and posted it on her MySpace Blog. As you all know I'm a huge fan of Farah's from her days (no puns intended) on Days of Our Lives as Mimi. Here are a couple of the Q&A's but be sure to check out the entire interview. You'll enjoy it!

Q. Even though you've just begun portraying your new character, Gigi, on OLTL, what is one thing you think you're going to like the most about the character?

A. I love "Gigi's" strength and maturity. With every episode my character develops a little bit more and her background gets more interesting. Her number one priority is her son and that's a whole new element that I like playing.

Q. How do you feel about "Gigi" being a mother?

A. Well it definitely gives me a good storyline! WHO'S THE DADDY?? I know! But my lips are sealed! It's stretching me as an actor too. I love the dynamic she has with "Shane".