GH Scoops & Spoilers 11.20.07

Here's the Scoop!

Leyla and Jerry?  Sort of.  Remember I told you about another Girls Night Out to remember Emily?  Earlier reports had Elizabeth absent from the event as it was said to have been taped after Becky Herbst took off for Super Soap.  Well that scoop may have been a little premature.  It looks like Elizabeth will be there and she may even be the intiator.  It looks like it's at the MetroCourt and Leyla is there.   A few drunken outbursts and Leyla dancing on the bar?  Is that really MetroCourt behavior?  Apparently Jerry takes pity on a very intoxicated Leyla and takes her to his room to sleep it off.  Alexis is witness to this and assumes Jerry is taking advantage of the young nurse.  That kiss Jerry plants on Alexis to shut her up?  It may be happening when Alexis knocks on Jerry's door and goes off on him about Leyla.

Before Girls Night Out, Patrick asks Robin to give them another chance.  He'll ask her to come to a compromise of sorts.  Put the baby talk on hold, work things out and then talk about a family.  She says no.   Don't forget Patty Boy shows up at GNO and a drunk Elizabeth may have some words for him.

Elizabeth comes home and Jason is there waiting for her.  This SHOULD BE when they make love.  Jason is RUMORED to spend some time with the boys and then Lucky shows up at Elizabeth's house.  Jason is said to leave them alone to talk but he'll overhear Lucky tell Elizabeth he'll keep the secret if she promises to stay away from Jason.  Of course Jason slips out before he hears Elizabeth's answer.  She'll tell Lucky that he is welcome to see the boys whenever he wants but Jason is Jake's father.  Does Sam play a role in Lucky's offer?  It looks like she'll suggest the idea to Lucky and tell him they can spend time with the boys and keep them safe.

What about Jason?  He's RUMORED to have a telling conversation with Johnny Zacchara.  Johnny relays to Jason the hell he lived in being a murderer's son.  Throw in the guilt that Jason feels over Emily's death and Jason is said to tell Elizabeth that it's better for Jake if Lucky is his father.  A shocked Elizabeth agrees.  She'll call him after her conversation with Lucky and ask him to meet her at the barn.

So how do we get from here to a custody battle?  Lucky seems to be getting what he wants.  Elizabeth will ultimately make the decision to be with Jason despite what everyone else thinks.  She'll go to him and tell him that they can make it work, together.  RUMORS have them hitting the sheets again and making plans for their family.  This SHOULD be when Jason proposes and Elizabeth tells him that she wants to take it slow. Lucky will not be happy and sue for custody.

A new day, a new mob threat, sort of.  Johnny Zacchara, mob boss.  That's what should be coming.  He MAY even be telling Jason that the next time they meet, he'll kill him.  Johnny will have extra guards and a warning for Sonny.  Kate and Sonny will hit a bump in the road when he puts extra guards on his girlfriend.  Kate's not interested in being treated like a prisoner.  Alexis will get some extra protection as well.

I am still seeing that Skye is leaving.  RUMORS have her talking with Edward and Monica about a fresh start for herself and Lila.  Skye should be leaving in the new year.

Guza is still claiming that the story coming up for Nikolas and Emily will be one of the greatest love stories ever told.  Is she a ghost, his conscience or something else?