DC #171: Sweeps Love and War

On today's show we discuss Tyler Christopher and Rebecca Herbst gut wrenching performances on General Hospital and asking where in the world was Lucky?


Daniel Cosgrove's return to Guiding Light and how Billy and Lizzie have made it fun again.

Artistic filming and Jack and Julia rumors on All My Children.

Asa's will, Todd, Paris Texas and where there's smoke there's fire on One Life to Live.

As the World Turn's pulling on its character's history and why we want the real Lily back.

Bold and the Beautiful's slump is over and honey bears will never be the same.

Who shot EJ on Days of Our Lives and how two rape storylines in a year on one show just isn't right.

Finally, Young and the Restless and its "save the baby, save the world" storyline and how even Luke, Gloria's biggest defender is bored of her storyline.

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