GH Scoops & Spoilers 11.21.07

Here's the Scoop!

Not much to dish on today so lets talk Killer!  Whodunnit?  Is it Coop as spoiled over and over again?  Could it be Logan?  Is Lorenzo really lurking in the shadows seeking revenge?

If its Coop, what's his motive?  Even though we haven't seen it on screen recently, Cooper is still being blackmailed by Sonny.  That's motivation to take out his Nanny and make Sonny question his family's safety. 

Why Emily?  Remember Nikolas questioned Coop's whereabouts during the Ball.  He didn't really believe him.  So the theory is, Coop struck Nikolas thinking the blow would kill him and strangled Emily. 

Carly was getting too close to Leticia's killer and hey Coop was the one that showed up in the study. 

Why Georgie?  Remember, Jerry called him three in front of Maxie's little sis and she asked him about it.  RUMOR has it that Georgie starts questioning Maxie who tells Georgie the secret she's been keeping since February.  Maxie lets it slip to Coop that Georgie knows the truth, but not to worry, Georgie's going to keep the secret. 

Is Jerry next?  Trevor had a threat for Jerry during the Ball and when there's an incident he'll assume it's Trevor.  Could it really be Coop trying to eliminate the man that set this all in motion? 

Logan.....he's been thrown out there as the possible killer as well.  Backstage gossip that Josh Duhon is not well liked has the killer s/l as an easy way to get rid of the actor.  But LL3 has been the plan all along.

What would Logan's motives be?  He's being blackmailed too. By Ric who was the first victim of the ball.  Logan hasn't been all that nice to Carly or Maxie for that matter and Sonny fired him.  Nikolas beat the crap out him....sounds like motive to me.

A few clues:  The man that strangled Carly had his shirt sleeves rolled up.  Logan and Johnny both had their sleeves rolled up.  Did Cooper?  Both Logan and Cooper have been "missing" at times.  Where was Cooper when Emily was killed and Carly was strangled? 

More Scoop!

Emily tells Nikolas 'you would never hurt me.'   He'll start believing that someone else really did kill his fiance.  To everyone else, he'll look crazy and it'll look more and more like he killed her.  Emily's not a ghost in the ghostly sense.  She'll look like she did when the Ball started.  Nikolas will be able to touch her and kiss her.

Robin's RUMORED to be attacked too.

Turkey Day today on GH.  The Ball is over and now flash forward to Thanksgiving. Bobbie and Mike spend it with Carly, Jax and the Boys.  Spinelli and Cooper get an invite to the Scorpio's Thanksgiving.  Robin will un-invite Patrick who SHOULD be spending it with Leyla and his toy cars.

Scott Clifton and Wall Kurth are at Emily's Funeral.  RUMORS have Scott Clifton coming back for Georgie's too.  Some rumblings say Scott may want to come back to GH.

Elizabeth and Lucky are with Nikolas at Emily's funeral.  Jason is there despite Monica telling him to stay away.  He will stand in the back and sort of out of view.  Elizabeth will give her best friend's eulogy filled with talk of the Four Musketeers and Emily's love of Nikolas.

Jasonwill once again defer to Elizabeth where Jake is concerned.

Johnny has no intention of being Trevor's puppet or giving control to him.