Whose Side Are You On?

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The Young and the Restless may quite possibly be the most boring soap in daytime right now with the exception of the intense personal battle raging between Victor and Nikki. For so long Victor has been ordering his family, friends and employees around and over the past two or three years Nikki's been fighting for her independence and for Victor to respect her opinions.

So now, here we are "out of the ashes" of the Clear Springs sweeps debacle and we finally find Nikki and Victor as equals and they are each holding their own. Victor says to save Victoria at the cost of the baby because Victoria can live to try again and Nikki is arguing that Victoria would sacrifice her life so that her child can live. Tough, tough, choices. So here's my question. Whose side do you agree with?

Oh, and might I just say. Kudos to the Young and Restless for salvaging something "out of the ashes".