Beware of Bree Williamson Impostor

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Beware of Bree Williamson Impostors! Bree William's official MySpace has put out the word that someone by the name of "Bree W." on is posing as Bree Williamson. Apparently the impostor may have been requesting personal information from fans who believed them to be Bree.

Here is the warning:

"We want to Address one thing that the "Bree W"on is NOT BREE WHAT SO EVER! Its a faker and I've had people emailing me to ask if it was really her and it's not. I don't know how much we have to stress about this.... just don't give out your information to this person we don't want you to get in danger for any reason what so ever, Bree cares about her fans and every celebrity has a impostor out there."