GH Turkey Day Scoops & Spoilers

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Here's the Scoop!

Luke tells Lucky that Emily is dead.  When the Cowboy re-surfaces, he'll visit his dad at GH. 

Monica lashes out at Sonny for ruining her family.

Elizabeth and Jason come together in their grief.  They'll make love and it sounds like Liz is the initiator. Later the boys come home and the four spend time together until Lucky arrives wanting to stil raise Jake.  Lucky goes to see Jason after his conversation with Elizabeth.  Jason tells Lucky to raise Jake.

Some Sam Stuff.  She'll be the voice in Lucky's ear telling him Elizabeth will not be fair and give him free access to the boys.  Sam will tell Lucky she wants to spend time with him and his sons but not at the house he shared with Elizabeth.  Sam is RUMORED to invite them over to swim in her hot tub.  (Ummmm, kids shouldn't go in hot tubs) Is this how Lucky puts the boys in danger?  I'm hearing its something else.

Maxie is strangled too????  That's what I'm hearing.  Before Georgie is killed, Maxie will  be strangled.  Could this tie into Maxie needing that heart? I am still seeing that Georgie's death is going to be pretty brutal. 

Scott SHOULD be filing in as DA and with Kin Shriner sticking around will we get a little more story out of Luke's arch nemisis? HUGE RUMORS have a POSSIBLE return of Lucy Coe!  She may be returning for Georgie's funeral.  Will she stay?  Another RUMOR has Serena coming back... a brother and a dad with a storyline, perfect timing. 

Have A Happy Turkey Day!  Gobble Gobble!