Tom Pelphrey Returns



Word at the local biker bar has it that Tom Pelphrey is returning to Guiding Light in 2008 as Jonathon Randall. I can only imagine that every Jammy fan on the planet is going through the roof and marking their calendars with giant red markers.

Pelphrey's return as Jonathon could be just what Guiding Light needs to keep its creative momentum going since the return of Edmund and Billy Jr have done an amazing job of rebooting the show and making it fun to watch again.

Supposedly, Jonathon is returning to settle things with Alan but for some reason I'm more interested in his facing off against Lizzie. Assuming, that is,  that Pelphrey's return isn't another week long guest appearance. Personally,  I'm not sure I want Pelphrey back for anything less than three months (ala Simon on As the World Turns who pops in for short 3 month stints every year or so). I don't like being teased like that. So here's to hoping for Lizzie's sake and the sake of all Jammy fans that his return isn't a short one.

Heaven knows Guiding Light needs all the help it can get to stay afloat.

Thanks to Daytime Confidential listener/reader Jammylove for the heads up.