What If Levin Rambin Leaves?

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There has been mounting speculation from various sources that Levin Rambin may be considering leaving

All My Children

when her contract expires. Belinda, Tina and I discuss the topic on the ABC Edition of Daytime Confidential (which will be published later today) and I thought I'd pose the question to you all.

What do you think would All My Children would do if she chooses to leave? Do you think they would recast the roles of Lily and Ava? If so, would you as a fan accept anyone else as Lily (because lets face it, no really cares if Ava disappears)?

Personally, I don't think I could accept anyone else as Lily. I don't give a flying fig about Ava but as Belinda puts it on the podcast Levin is the last vestige of a soul All My Children has left (since we never see Myrtle anymore).