Kathleen Noone & Marianne Muellerleile Return

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Kathleen Noone and Marianne Muellerleile return to Passions on December 6th. Check out the clip of them from one of their previous stints on the supernatural soap.

You know, I really wish Kathleen Noone would get a role on one of the network soaps. I've been a fan of Noone since her days on Sunset Beach and I can think of a couple soaps she's be awesome on.

For example: She'd make an excellent sister for Gloria Fisher Abbot on the Young and Restless. Or it would be great to see her re-team up with Leslie Ann Downs on Bold & Beautiful now that Jackie owns Spectra. I'm sure I can think up some other ideas, but I suppose all the Gloria Fisher haters are probably recovering from horror induced strokes at the thought of a sister for Gloria on their screens so I better let them recover before I try coming up with any other ideas.