Someone Smack Lucas Already



Word can not express (but I'm going to try to anway) how absolutely frustrated I am with the character of Lucas Roberts Horton and how he's treating Sami. For years I've been a HUGE Lumi fan. I've rooted for them through thick and thin and have defended the pair to Lisa on the podcast. But lately I've come to the point where I've had enough of how badly he's treating Sami. How he never seems to buck up and take things like a man and be there for her through thick and thin as he should be at this point in their relationship.

All he does these days is blame things on Sami or when he's not blaming things on her he's having inferiority complex dreams about how his daughter will never be good enough. As a father he should have never let Will leave without saying goodbye to Sami. And how in the hell does he get away with naming his and Sami's daughter without even consulting her?

Back when he first found out that Sami had been raped I had hoped for some major character development on Lucas part. It was the perfect opportunity. Now it's almost as if he's back in the Austin era where he had an inferiority complex about never being as good as Austin, only today its about him and his daughter not being as good as EJ or Sami's son. This is beyond irritating!

I know this is probably going to sound harsh but at this point I wish he'd get hit by a car, end up in a coma and when he wakes up has amnesia and the only thing he remembers is his love for Sami and nothing else. Maybe that way all this personal baggage wouldn't get in the way and make him look like a royal ass!