GH Scoops & Spoilers 11.27.07

Here's the Scoop!

I'm seeing that Felicia's return may be for only a month.  RUMORS have Mac finding Georgie dead in the park.

Johnny Zacchara will be a thorn in the side of Lulu and Logan's relationship.

Officer Logan Hayes?  Scott may be offering his son some help getting into the police academy.  Of course Logan is RUMORED to refuse Daddy's offer.

Leyla and Patrick come to an end.  She knows she was a rebound and that Patrick is still in love with Robin.  Leyla should still be around, at GH.  There were RUMORS that NB was well liked but her acting chops were not.  Speculation had her possibly being let go at her 13 week mark.

RUMOR has it that its Josh Duhon acting as the strangler.  It doesn't mean that Logan is the killer but his portrayer is said to be the "arms" we see in the scenes.  I am still hearing that Coop is the killer, so why not have Jason Gerhardt "play" the strangler?  RUMORS say that Coop is shot and killed by Logan who steps in and saves Jason. 

Nikolas will first see Emily when he returns to Wyndamere after her funeral.  When Cooper is found to be Emily's killer, their storyline will shift to Emily helping Nikolas move on.  RUMORS say Nikolas could be paired with Leyla.

It looks like Jake's paternity is still kept under wraps, sort of.  Jake's safety, not to mention, Elizabeth's perjury are all reasons to keep Jake's true paternity as quiet as possible.  Carly may not find out until February along with the rest of Port Chuck when the custody battle should get heated.  So does this mean the Q's won't know about their heir?  It looks like it!  What about the RUMORS that Monica would help Lucky get emergency custody?  Those could have been a bit premature.  Monica and the rest of the Quartermaines may play a role in the custody battle in February.  Jason is said to decide its time for the truth to really come out and hope that Diane can handle it.  Sam may be using her influence with Edward to get the Q's on Lucky's side.  Don't forget, Jake stands to inherit alot of money, Quartermaine money.

Where is Luke Spencer?

More storylines for the hospital part of General Hospital?  A bride comes in after a hit and run.  Lainey may be a part of solving the whodunnit.  Baby stuff for both Carly and Robin.

Scrubs and CarJax babies!  Will both ladies have Artificial Insemination?  Well because of Robin's HIV status she will.  Carly will be told by Dr. Lee that she will have trouble conceiving naturally.  So Jax is all for AI.  Both Jax and Patrick are said to give donations for their partners.   Is there a mix up in the mix?