Lynn Marie Latham is Out!


God has heard Lisa's prayers! TV Guide is reporting that Lynn Marie Latham is out and isn't coming back after the strike ends!

Word is, executive producer/head writer Lynn Marie Latham — who has nearly ruined the once-glorious soap — will not return, no matter when and how the walkout ends. When contacted, a rep for the CBS-Sony show hemmed and hawed but did not deny Latham's ousting or reports that Sony programming VP Steve Kent has now taken command. He's not just some suit. Kent was supervising producer of Santa Barbara"

This is HUGE folks!
If this ends up coming true one of daytime fan's arch villains has gone down. Everywhere you read online long time Young and Restless fans have been clamoring for the departure of the woman they believe has destroyed their favorite soap.

However, as a newer viewer, I have to say that in many respects I agree. The death of John Abbot, while heartbreaking, shouldn't have happened.  Storylines are all over the place. Ashley Abbot and Dru Winters are gone and many of the core families are in shambles. That having been said, I'm a Fisher-Baldwin fan so for me that was one thing she did right.