Robin Christopher Leaving, What Next?



Robin Christopher is out! TV Guide Canada is reporting that "Robin Christopher (Skye) is telling friends she successfully asked to be let out of her contract."

I don't know whether to be furious or estatic. On one hand its a crime that General Hospital has been wasting Robin Christopher (one of the most under rated actresses in daytime) for years and I think they could/should have done so much more with her. On the other hand I have been dreaming of a day that she returns to All My Children and turns the canvas on end. I have always said that there is no one character better suited to shaking things up in Pine Valley than Robin Christopher so if her leaving General Hospital means she ends up on All My Children I am all for it.

Word of Caution:
For those of you who may here conflicting reports about the status of Robin Christopher in the coming weeks, Nelson Branco at TV Guide has an excellent track record of scooping Comings and Goings. So remember that even though a lot of them are denied by the stars or some of the other "official sources" out there for a few more months and then they confirm that a star is leaving.  It will be very interesting to see how this news plays out.