GH Scoops & Spoilers 11.28.07

Here's the Scoop!

Skye's striking a deal with the devils!  Before she leaves town, it looks like Skye will be selling off that all important property to Trevor and Johnny.  Is she in over her head?  Of course she is!  With the murders, Skye will ultimately decide that she and Lila Rae would be safer far away from Port Charles. 

Plans for a Ric - Skye union have been scrapped with Robin Christopher's request to be let out of her contract.  So what's next for Ric Lansing?  He and Alexis will find a common ground for the sake of their daughter.  Is it only temporary?  I would think so.  Alexis and Jerry are still on the table and Ric shouldn't be happy about the company Alexis is keeping.  BUT, I am hearing that a recycle may be in the works yet again.  RUMOR has it that an old girlfriend of Ric Lansing's may show up in Port Chuck.

Georgie finally gets the guts to tell Spinelli she likes him!  Too little, too late as shortly after, she dies.  Maxie is RUMORED to be brought into the ER...remember she's said to be a victim of the strangler.  Patrick will be there to help Robin get thru it.  I am still seeing that Maxie will have heart troubles and could be needing a new heart.  Early RUMORS alluded to that heart coming from Georgie.

All signs are pointing to Logan as the killer.  Well that's what some will think.  Scotty of course defends his kid as will Lulu until the truth of what happened in Iraq comes out.

Jerry is determined to help Alexis!  She'll want to keep the bad Jacks as a client only but he's there to help with Nikolas.  Is Nikolas losing his mind?  That's what Alfred will tell Sam and Lucky.  What about the Sam RUMORS that she may be experiencing some black outs of her own?  Those are still out there.

RUMOR is that Lucky goes to Jason with a plan.  After Liz refuses, Lucky tells Jason that he'll play daddy to Jake as long as Jason stays away from Elizabeth and the boys.  Jason agrees.  It won't be easy for Jason and Elizabeth to stay apart.  Jason MAY be going to Liz to tell her this is what's best for Jake and to say goodbye.

Sam is thrilled that Lucky will still be Jake's "daddy."  She'll want to spend time with Lucky and the boys BUT Elizabeth is not thrilled about it.  If she can't have Jason around the boys, she doesn't want Sam around them either.