What A Wonderful Reception

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You know, I don't what you all thought of Belle and Shawn's wedding but I wasn't really enjoying it until everyone got to the the Brady Pub for the reception. Oh, that reminds me. Can't why is it that we can't have a wedding a church or a reception in a ballroom or room anymore? Granted having Belle and Shawn's wedding in a family home is better than Guiding Light's having it in the town square but still? But back to the reception.

I think the reception had some of the best groups scenes that Days of Our Lives has had in a long time. It was so nice to see Lucas and Sami sitting with the adults holding their children. It was nice to see Chelsea and Nick as the new young generation and Chelsea catching the bouquet. Even Kayla leaving to be with her Stephanie and friend seemed appropriate. And then to cap it all off with Marlena going to the Dimera Mansion and threatening Stephano...perfection.

Kudos to Days of Our Lives for pulling off a great wedding reception.