Casey Returns to Oakdale

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Off screen jail bird Casey Hughes is returning to Oakdale in the form of actor Billy Magnussen. As might be expected, Casey's return will a less than smooth experience.

According to the PGP Blog

"Casey finds fitting into Oakdale society as an ex-con, a bit of a challenge. Grandmother Lisa offers salvation in the form of a job. But can this new Casey be trusted?"

Not for nothing but doesn't it sort of seem like the we have a lot of college age characters on the show? Do we need another one? The Will, Gwen and family storyline is extremely boring and Allison and Aaron being sucked into it isn't doing them any favors. We've barely had a chance to accustomed to the young Mr. Walsh or understand his true motives. Casey's love Maddie is no longer on canvas and the only good "young" storyline involves Luke and Noah which has some great acting but seems like it could move a bit faster. Do you think bringing Casey back at this time is a good idea?