GH Scoops & Spoilers 11.29.07

Here's the Scoop!

Georgie can describe the strangler!  Remember, she'll be the one coming to Maxie's rescue when she's attacked.  Georgie offers the cops a description, blonde and medium build and dressed head to toe in black.   Is Johnny giving a similar description of Carly's strangler?

The Jackal may be on to Coop!  Looks like Spinelli will think somethings up with the Police Cadet.   The Jackal and his faithful friend uncover a murder in Iraq.  A woman was strangled where Cooper was stationed. Maxie is certain its Logan behind the deaths and blows off Spinelli's warning.  Nadine will be a friend to Spinelli when Georgie dies.

There's a strange RUMOR that Maxie tells Mac she remembers what her attacker smelled like.  Is Maxie pointing a finger at Logan because she's Coop's alibi when Georgie was killed?  There's another RUMOR that Sam lets Maxie and Coop use her hot tub.  Author's Note:  That's just gross! Supposedly, that's where Maxie will be when Georgie is murdered.

Jason tells Lucky he better stay straight if he wants to keep Jake.  After hearing Elizabeth admit to Lucky that Jake would indeed be safer as a Spencer, Jason tells Elizabeth the secret must be kept.  Lucky visits Jason to tell him, he'll only play daddy if Jason stays clear of Elizabeth and the boys.  Jason promises to stay away from Jake but he may not be making the same promise when it comes to Elizabeth.  Jason does issue Lucky a warning.  Should Lucky return to using drugs or put Jake in any danger, Jason will take him back.  Is this a little foreshadowing?  You bet!  Long standing RUMORS have Lucky putting the boys in danger. 

Sam's misdeeds finally come out!  I'm hearing that Elizabeth will finally tell Lucky what Sam did but he won't believe her.  The RUMOR is that when Lucky starts to tell Sam about what Liz said, Sam panics until Lucky tells Sam he doesn't believe Elizabeth.  Lucky feels Elizabeth owes him since his lie is what's protecting her son.  He feels he can call the shots.

Is Nikolas not the only one seeing Emily?  RUMOR has it that in an upcoming episode, Monica freezes up while in the OR.  Why?  She's said to have a vision where Emily is the doctor assisting her.  Remember something inticed Leslie Charleson to re-sign with GH, is Monica finally getting a storyline?  That's what I am hearing. 

In fact, I am hearing that some characters are going to get more screentime while others drop off a bit.  Is GH going for more balance with their characters?  Lets hope, its probably the chief complaint of fans.