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* The Young and the Restless 3.8

* The Bold and the Beautiful 2.7

* General Hospital 2.2

* As the World Turns 2.1

* One Life to Live 2.1

* All My Children 1.9

* Days of Our Lives 1.8

* Guiding Light 1.8

With word that Lynn Marie Latham is out, will Y&R climb back above a 4.0? Looks like the death of yet another Quartermaine didn't do much to boost GH's sagging ratings and the fall out of John's death continues Days' ratings woes. The horror that is AMC is reflected in the number of people who are turning off their TVs. What doesn't make sense to me is the fact that OLTL is GOLD right now, yet the ratings continue to sag. Is the halo (or suckage) effect of AMC and GH being so bad right now affecting OLTL's ratings? It's the only thing that makes sense.