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Marcus Patrick Photo Controversy


If you read any of the celebrity gossip blogs you probably know that earlier this week Perez Hilton posted pictures of former Days of Our Lives star Marcus Patrick dancing in gay bars. Almost immediately the celebrity gossip blog world started alleging that Marcus Patrick was fired for appearing in a photo spread in Playgirl.

There are at least two things I find interesting about this whole brouhaha.

1) We reported Marcus Patrick's own words on the question of his dancing in gay bars nearly a month before Perez Hilton posted the images.

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2) If any of these other bloggers, including Perez, had done even the most basic of research they would know that other successful soap stars including Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery, All My Children) and Winsor Harmon (Thorne Forrester, Bold and Beautiful) have both appeared in Playgirl. They would know that even though it is possible that Patrick was fired because of the photo spread it is just as possible that it had absolutely nothing to do with the photo spread.

So where do things stand after the dust settles? Well, I'd say that with all the publicity that Marcus Patrick is dancing his way to the bank.