One More Reason To Love Me Some Richie


Richie is the personification of fabulousity. He confesses everything that he did. He tells Annie that everything she said he did is right. He even said he deserved to go to jail. But? He doesn't apologize for it. He doesn't even regret it. He just takes the opportunity of full disclosure to ask his sister Annie to kill him. HOW AWESOME IS HE???? He didn't blame it on the cancer. He didn't say it was the tumor (Jonathan? Take a lesson from Richie and own your badassness). It wasn't even because Mommy didn't give him enough hugs as a child. Richie is the poster child for the saying "It is what it is." And I love him for it!!!!

Now, I asked myself at first. "Why would Richie want Annie of all people to kill him?" Then it came to me. Annie would be no better than Richie. She, too, would be a murderer. Richie would once again get the last laugh. Do you really think that liquid is untraceable and no one would ever suspect Annie? I doubt it. And even if Richie was telling the truth Annie wouldn't be able to live with herself... The perfect final revenge. I say "Bravo Richie!! Don't ever change!!!"