GH Scoops & Spoilers 11.30.07

Here's the Scoop!

A Bride who is the victim of a hit and run is brought into GH.  Who is the driver? What's the outcome? Well I am hearing that the bride needs a hysterectomy to save her life. Patrick is happy a life is saved, Robin is irritated that Patrick is overlooking the fact that this young girl will never be able to have children.

Is there another victim after Maxie and Georgie?  RUMORS had Robin being strangled.  So far no confirmation on who the third victim will be.

The Scrubs Baby is coming!  Patrick and Robin will be reuniting.  At first, Robin will not be open to giving Patrick another shot but by the New Year, they should be back together.  The baby stuff should be full force by February.

Is Lucky moving in with Sam?  Remember I told you Sam won't want to spend time at the home where Lucky lived with Elizabeth?  Well there are RUMORS that Lucky moves into Sam's place because of this.  Elizabeth will not like the boys seeing Lucky there and tell him his visits must be at her house.  This should be when Lucky tells Elizabeth he's the one calling the shots, not her.  He may even threaten to take her to court. 

Lulu lies to Logan to see Johnny!  RUMOR has it that she'll tell Logan she's babysitting Jake and Cam but she's really sneaking off to see Johnny.  Is it a set-up?  Another RUMOR says Johnny thinks he's meeting Jason to discuss business but really, Trevor may have planned a set-up to kill Lulu and spark a war.  Trevor thinks Johnny will believe Sonny is responsible for the ambush. 

IF Robin figures out what's wrong with Nikolas, will he want to be cured?  There's a RUMOR that Robin does in fact figure it out but will that mean Nikolas has to lose Emily all over again?