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Why I Hate Sam McCall From A-Z

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Before I even start I want to clarify that this has absolutely nothing to do with Kelly Monaco who is a perfectly talented actress. Now, with my disclaimer out of the way I decided to post this because I was recently asked by a Daytime Confidential listener "Why Does Luke Hate Sam?" in the TV Fan Online Forums? So here is my response, from A-Z, why I hate Sam McCall.

Why I Hate Sam McCall From A-Z:

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A. She sucks

B. She's a Tramp

C. She isn't a Cassadine

D. She gets to much airtime

E. She cries way to much

F. She acts like a spoiled brat

G. She slept with mother's husband on purpose

H. She's a con artist

I. She's two faced

J. If I have to hear how Liz has the baby that should have been hers one more time.....

K. She doesn't know how to shower between men

L. She's using Lucky to get even

M. She lets an innocent baby suffer for her private rage

N. She hired to gunmen to hold Liz and young children at gun point

O. She's killed too many people to count

P. She has no respect for the dead

Q. She's a leech

R. Everything is always about her

S. She's an Everyday Hero because of the Metro Court explosion, yet didn't really save anyone.

T. She had inappropriate chemistry with Edward

U. Everything she does is someone else's fault

V. She's a drunk, and a bad one at that

X. Only Sam would run to the ends of the earth to bring Robin back to help Jason and then accuse her of trying to get him back .... she's a control freak.

Y. She's been passed around PC more than a $2.00 whore

Z. She's a cheap imitation of Brenda

I could probably keep going by going backwards from Z-A but I won't.