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Do you accept SB as anyone other than Carly?

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I'm treading in dangerous waters here but I can't help it. I want to know what fans are really thinking about General Hospital bringing back Sarah Brown (rumored as Sarah Webber) but not as Carly. With Brown's return do you still accept Laura Wright as Carly? Should TPTB even be bring Sarah Brown back unless she's going to be Carly?

Has General Hospital"jumped the shark" the same way Days of Our Lives did when they brought back the actor who portrayed Roman as another character while someone else is portraying Roman?

One of my friends who I told the news was furious that General Hospital is doing this and pointed out that a show like Grey's Anatomywould never do or get away with this type of thing. They also pointed out that this kind of stuff is what makes the daytime industry the laughing stock of the entertainment industry.

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