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Scott Clifton Responds to Fan Questions

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"I don't usually respond to GH questions on my MUSIC page. HOWEVER since I get the same question 15 times a day here is the answer.

I was asked to shoot a total of SIX episodes. I shot the last 2 of the six shows Monday and Tuesday of this week. At the moment I have not been scheduled for more.

It is NOT up to me. Tell the producers if you want to see more DILLON. It is not up to me. While I am very busy with my music I don't really have the time (at the moment) to be a full contract player. HOWEVER I love the show and would LOVE to come back once in a while. But it is not up to me.

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Believe it or not YOU have more influence on Dillon's return than I do.

I love that you love Dillon and I hope to return one day.

Love Scotty"