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GH Scoops & Spoilers 12.03.07

Here's the Scoop!

By now you've all heard the Sarah Brown news.  According to her site, she's returning.  Not as Carly but as another character.  The RUMORS are all over the place as to who she'll play.  One is that she'll return as Sarah Webber, Elizabeth's older sister.  Another has her related/knows Kate somehow or another.  IF this is true, Kate and SBr's character have a strong dis-like for each other.  Then there is the RUMOR that she will play Johnny Zacchara's sister.  This RUMOR has Johnny's sister coming to PC to stop her brother from following in their father's footsteps.  She won't like Trevor and MAY BE trying to strike a deal with Sonny for her father's territory.  Remember OLD RUMORS had Johnny telling Lulu about a sister but that never happened.  And yet another RUMOR, thanks to Tina, is that SBr's character is actually Carly's sister, Durant's other daughter.  This RUMOR has the story being that Carly's sister is jealous of Carly's life and sets out to ruin her.

All great theories but I have to say I am leaning more towards the Zacchara one.  I know I am the minority with the mob love but it makes the most sense to me and puts SBr and SBu in close proximity to one another.  We can all agree that those two had great chemistry.  There is no confirmation on how long SBr will be with GH.

Now that being said, I am still 100% behind Liason.  The latest is that Jason and Elizabeth do move in together.  It should be after lucky is given temporary custody of the boys.  RUMOR has it they'll co-habitat to show that Jason is not a danger to the boys and that Elizabeth has been perfectly safe sharing a home with the mobster, I mean coffee importer.  Elizabeth will get her children back.  I am still hearing its because Lucky puts either both boys or just Cameron in a dangerous situation.  Steve Burton said at an appearance that fans would be very happy with what's coming for the couple.

Will Ric be Lucky's attorney for the custody battle? That's a RUMOR out there.

Recommended Articles

First Maxie's strangled and saved by Georgie who winds up strangled herself.  Georgie however does not make it as we've spoiled time and time again.  Georgie's death brings Robin and Patrick closer.  RUMORS have Robin being attacked after Georgie and IF this is true, look for that to be the final push to re-unite Scrubs.

Before Maxie's attack though, she's supposed to give her statement to the cops regarding the Wyndamere fiasco.  She'll admit that Coop was missing for a better part of the night and really has no alibi.  Is Cooper Barret covering his tracks?  Remember Georgie walks in on Maxie's attack thus saving her sister.  She gets a glimpse of the strangler and then starts digging into to Cooper's past when she becomes very suspicious of her sister's boyfriend.

Jax is not happy with his brother and Alexis gettting close.  He'll try to put a stop to it. Is Carly encouraging the relationship?  RUMOR has it that Carly is over Jax and Alexis' friendship.

Kate and Sonny work out their problems.  She does sue him though and Alexis should be her attorney.  More Max and Diane scenes and it sounds like we'll be laughing our butts off.

RANDOM RUMOR that Leyla may be preggers.  Is this a last ditch effort to keep Patrick?