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Nathan Fillion's Airplane Etiquette Tips

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With the hustle and bustle of the holiday's upon us and more and more are American's taking to the air over the holidays, former daytime star Nathan Fillion (f. Joey, One Life to Live) and current Desperate Housewives star is offering some tips on Airplane/Airport etiquette on his MySpace Blog.

Here are his tips:

Start with a well planned trip. If you don't want to battle traffic, or wake up early, try for a later flight. Be packed the day before. Make a list of everything you'll need, and check it. My preference is to pack light so I don't have to check luggage.

Get up early. Be awake and relaxed with lots of time.

Be clean. You are going to be around a lot of people. Be sure that your B.O. or breath does not offend. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. (This is actually a daily responsibility, just more important in small, closed spaces like a plane.) Bring gum.

Dress well. This does not mean you have to wear a suit, but how you present yourself directly affects how others will deal with you, and you will be dealing with people all day. Put yourself together, but comfortably. If it's a long, long flight, dress in something you can sleep in, but something NICE you can sleep in.

Be organized. Have what you need where you need it. Be ready! You are smart enough to handle it. Tickets and passports in the boarding pass line. Boarding pass in pocket at security. Gels and liquids in a bag and a separate place easy to reach. Shoes and metal bits easily removed. Show the kind of hustle you want to see from the people in line in front of you when you are late for a flight.

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Boarding the plane, have a bag that will actually fit in the spaces provided so you can put it away, sit down, and let other people continue to board and have room for their items, too. When you make that last minute call, avoid loud talking. (This is also an everyday responsibility. How much do you want to hear half of someone else's conversation shouted beside you? CCR.)

Your space. Especially for us big guys, flights can be tough because of how little space is provided for our enormous frames. For shoulder space, favor the side that has no one on it. Don't lean the seat back if the person next to you has if you can help it. As for legs? Avoid spreading them like you got some big business down there. Cross your legs below the knee. You'll be surprised.

Avoid grossness. If you have a sniffle or cough, bring tissue. Don't ask those around you to put up with constant snorting. That's really crass. Really.

Getting up. We all have to do it, but be smart. How much do you like it when someone starts wrestling with the back of your seat? It's not your "get up handle", it's a chair that someone else is sitting in. Leave them alone! Use the back of your OWN chair to get in and out of your row. You can also use the backs of the chairs of the folks in your row, as you are already disturbing them by getting up. EXCUSE YOURSELF! Say, "Pardon me." or, "I apologize." Don't be embarrassed into being rude to people. We are all in this together. This also applies when using the seat back pocket. Someone's back is right up against it. There's no steel plate protecting them from you jamming oblong objects and water bottles in there. Be cool. CCR.

Kids on a plane. Babies cry. That's it. That's all. Don't be sour, give the parents a dirty look, or let out an exasperated sigh. You were a baby once. You cried, too. Afford mothers traveling alone every courtesy. EVERY courtesy. Parents of children on planes: Do not bring forty different toys for you child, do not bring a toy that beeps and toots constantly. Come on, now. Really. Keep your kids behaved, using inside voices, and stop them from kicking the seat in front of them. CCR. For families traveling together, always give up your seat if it keeps them together. This includes couples, old or young.

Thank your captain and crew. If it was a smooth ride, say so.

When waiting your luggage, unless you want to give a hand, get out of the way when someone is grabbing theirs.

Enjoy your stay!

I hope these simple steps and ideas help you and those around you to better enjoy your trip, most importantly, your journey. Be kind to each other out there!

- Nathan Fillion