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Weekly Horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope by Susyn Blair-Hunt, MsD

December 3 - December 9, 2007

ARIES: You're in an unpredictable mood this week; no one knows what you'll come up with next! Like Aries Jack Black ("Shallow Hal", "School of Rock") your spontaneity and outrageous comments have everyone in stitches. This is a great week to network, especially if you're in the market for a new job. Or if you're still single, get your friends to fix you up, or see who's new on your favorite personals website!

TAURUS: Directing traffic is your forte this week, as everyone moves in scattered and unproductive ways. Just think of yourself as "Alice" (Ann B. Davis) on the "Brady Bunch", another Taurus who kept things running like clockwork despite blended family chaos. You're coming out of a long tunnel of hard work, so this week, make time to have a little fun and catch up with friends you haven't seen in ages!

GEMINI: Pay attention! You're wonderful at weaving stories, but you could get caught up in your own fantasies if you don't watch out. Like Gemini Robin Mattson ("GH", "AMC") the phrase "oh what a tangled web we weave" comes to mind. Your best bet this week is to listen, keeping in mind that information is power. Don't fret over how you're going to pay for that special Christmas present you want to buy yourself; go for it!

CANCER: Cancer Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli - "Heroes") has a gift for taking on the powers of other heroes he connects with. You'll be crossing paths with all kinds of new and unusual people this week, and you'll pick up something valuable from each and every one of them. Whether it's an idea, a lead on a new job, or a wonderful insight, others have a way of saying just the right thing!

LEO: You're overseeing a lot of projects right now, but at this point, you're the only one who can make them all come together in the time and manner you've envisioned. Take a page out of Leo Dustin Hoffman's book and delegate: Once you have everyone focused, you can simply make "cameo" appearances to check on their progress. If you haven't gotten holiday decorations up yet, this is the week it all comes together.

VIRGO: Like Virgo David Canary (Adam/Stewart Chandler, "AMC") you'll be wishing there was more than one of you this week! Overly committed, you'll have to pause at least once a day to reprioritize, as your plans seem to change form on an hourly basis. Just when you thought it was safe to put up your feet, you'll get a call from far off-relatives: Lucky you! They've decided to come for a visit over the holidays!

LIBRA: Take a few risks this week, but try not to blow anything up, like fellow Libra Jamie Hyneman ("Mythbusters")!  You're more likely to experiment with matters of the heart than matters of gunpowder anyway, though fireworks could still be the end result! The Scrooges start coming out of the woodwork this week, but they can't dim your holiday spirit. You're on the fence about a special gift; if it happens to be for you, throw caution to the wind and pull out the plastic!

SCORPIO: You may get a little tense about all the money that's flying out the door, but relax! Like Scorpio Ted Turner, (TMC, Fox Network) you can just make more! You have the Midas touch, so rest assured everything will balance out in the end. You tend to be more introspective this week, so look within to find your true holiday spirit. If your little ones are grown, consider donating some toys to a nearby hospital or Christmas drive; that'll do your heart good!

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SAGITTARIUS: You may feel a bit invisible this week, as others seem to overlook or bypass you in favor of their own self-centered interests. Don't take it personally; like Sagittarius Stanley Livingston's character "Chip" on "My Three Sons", sometimes it's easy to get lost when you're "the middle child". Or in your case, "the middleman". Stop taking care of everyone else, insist on me-time this week to recharge, and you'll be fresh and bright for the holidays.

CAPRICORN: Your protective nature comes out, and like Capricorn John Walsh ("American's Most Wanted") you just want everyone to have the safest holiday possible.  Others may call you overly cautious, but "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" are definitely words to live by this week. If you're short on cash for holiday shopping, now's the time to list those items on ebay you've been gathering, a quick way to line your pockets before heading to the mall.

AQUARIUS: All you want to do is decorate for the holidays, put wonderful bows on presents, and make yourself over in the most festive and fun ways possible. "The OC"'s Mischa Barton is one Aquarian who can light up a room by simply walking through it; you'll be able to do the same with your hallmark style and grace. For that hard to buy person on your gift list, they'd really prefer your heart-warming presence over store bought presents!

PISCES: You're on top of the world this week, recounting the long trail of accomplishments you've managed to get under your belt this year. Like Pisces Carrie Underwood ("American Idol"), there's no stopping you now! Emulate Carrie by singing your way through the week, and you'll accomplish everything in half the time. You're tempted to unwrap a Christmas gift you discover, but put it back; don't you want to be surprised like everyone else on Christmas morning?

Celebrity Birthdays This Week: Brendan Fraser ("The Mummy"), Tyra Banks, (The Tyra Banks Show), Frankie Munez ("Malcolm In The Middle"), Kin Shriner (Scotty - "GH"), Ted Knight ("Mary Tyler Moore"), Teri Hatcher ("Desperate Housewives"), Beau Bridges ("StarGate SG-1 & Continuum"), "The Fabulous Baker Boys")

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