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A Few More GH Scoops!

Georgie's death the week of the 17th with Felicia returning on the 20th.

Coop, Jerry, Johnny and Logan are all suspects.

Luke Spencer Dies! Remember I told you about Monica seeing Emily in the OR? Well it happens during Luke's bypass. She'll freeze when she sees her dead daughter and Dr. Leo steps in to take over. Luke flatlines and we'll get a sequence of scenes that is Luke's after-life with Skye acting as his guide. Wouldn't this be the perfect opportunity to use Stuart Damon and have Alan be his guide?No worries, Luke pulls through.

Remember those OLD RUMORS that said a lady from Ric's past was coming to Port Chuck? Was I forseeing something when I suggested that Rick Hearst and Sarah Brown would be great together? The RUMOR MILL is abuzz with who this character is that Sarah will be playing and the latest is that she is Zacchara's daughter with a twist. She may just be that woman from Ric's past too. Although RUMOR has it that when Ric knew her she was going by a different name. I'm also hearing that she may be coming back into Ric's life with a little baggage. Hmmmm..... does this tie into the Spinelli is getting a daddy RUMOR? Supposedly, his father is already on our screens.

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