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AMC Upcoming Clips 12/07/2007 & 12/10/2007

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I see Kendall got her "I'm a street urchin, may I have some grub" hat back out of the closet to wear with her fur trimmed jacket. Such an interesting look on her. Maybe she can lend it to Ryan and Johnny the next time they play dress up. What were they supposed to be??? Stripper G-Men for the local singing telegram company??? Was that Baby Jenny I saw in Adam's arms? I do believe the crap is going to hit the fan now!!!!

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Oh hey there! Is Grach still stuck in a well? Where is Lassie when you really need her? Are they really going there? They are really going to do the dead hand in the wall cliche? Is it just so Greenlee can faint and Zach can give her mouth to mouth thereby making them BFFAE?? And did Josh really just tell Erica to say she was sorry? Does he really think she can do that with a straight face? Bless his poor little dumb hot heart. He can be cute. 

***BTW Grach is my squish name for Greenlee and Zach. Not only is it annoying like their stuck in a well storyline but it is also the sound I make in the back of my throat when I forget to fast forward thru them.****