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GH Scoops & Spoilers 12.04.07

Here's the Scoop!

Liz agreed to let Lucky continue on as Jake's father.  Will she change her mind?  Of course she will!  RUMORS have Elizabeth realizing this lie can not go on any longer and she'll tell Lucky the truth must come out.  This is when Lucky, with Sam's help, will file for custody.

Leyla gets wasted!  She's upset over Patrick, gets drunk and winds up with Jerry Jacks.  Alexis finds her in Jerry's room, possibly even in his bed, but he assures her nothing happened.  I'm hearing she pukes in his room.  Alexis is RUMORED to call Patrick to come and get Leyla.  Robin either sees Patrick take a drunk Leyla to his apartment or hears that he did.  Even though she turned Patrick down, it'll still upset her when it appears he's gone back to Leyla.

Robin will continue to push Patrick away even when Georgie dies.  After the funeral, she'll break down and Patrick will be there for her.  Remember, Robin is RUMORED to be attacked as well.  She'll survive but all that's happened have Robin and Patrick re-evaluating their choices.

Baby Drama, it's coming!  Carly will eventually need to have artificial insemination to have Jax's child.  He'll give a sample and RUMOR has it, so will Patrick!  For Robin of course.  Patrick will provide his swimmers for Robin to have a child.  The RUMORS go on to say that both Carly and Robin will have their appointments on the same day.  The nurse Dr. Lee supposedly has helping her that day?  Leyla!  She'll be a lover scorned and in the perfect place to exact revenge.  Will Leyla switch the samples?  Will Scrubs find out the samples were messed with?

Christmas at General Hospital.  Who will fill Alan's shoes?  Early RUMORS had Edward stepping in and Patrick may be playing Santa.

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Patrick wants Nikolas to see a specialist.  Nikolas is too afraid that being cured means Emily will go away.  Will Nikolas and Emily be able to make love?

New Years Eve at the MetroCourt!  Jerry asks Alexis to be his date and it looks like she stands him up.  RUMORS have Ric coming to the MC and seeing Jerry waiting outside with some bubbly.  They'll argue about Alexis and Ric has Jerry arrested for an open container.  Funny stuff is RUMORED to happen when Alexis shows up at the PCPD to bail her client out.

Sarah Brown will start airing in 2008.

Is Luke going on vacation to recover?  IF this happens it should be when Tony Geary takes his vacation.

Trevor taking over the business?  It looks like Johnny agrees to something that has all the control going to Trevor! 

What the heck is up with Epiphany and the orderly?