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GH Scoops & Spoilers 12.05.07

Here's the Scoop!

Georgie has been RUMORED to be found dead in the park.  Mac is said to find her.  Mac is RUMORED to go after Johnny Z!

Maxie will have a lot to deal with.  Her sister's death and her mother's return.  Then there are the RUMORS of her heart giving out on her yet again.  Throw in Cooper possibly being the killer and Maxie's whole world is about to get turned upside down.  Now I am hearing that Maxie and Logan are RUMORED to be the new pairing with Lulu and Johnny hooking up.

Jax and Carly head off for vacation.  Both Ingo and Laura are taking their vacations at the same time.  When they return, they'll find out the murderer has been busy.

Is Trevor the latest suspect?  That's what I am hearing. In fact, both Lucky and Detective Harper are suspicious of the DA's Dad.

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Trevor and Johnny Z make Skye an offer.  One that she does refuse.  She'll be scared, but Skye keeps her cool and turns them down.  Trevor has a plan that is RUMORED to have Johnny Z and Lulu walking right into a trap. 

Is Jason ready to give Trevor a beating?  Looks like it'll be the Jackal talking Stone Cold down from delivering a beating.  A shipment is stolen from Corinthos - Morgan.

Jason will give a statement to the PCPD regarding his sister's death.  Lucky is there and the two argue over Elizabeth and the boys.  Ric listens in until the two realize he's there and clam up.

Another day, another RUMOR regarding Sarah Brown's return.  Is she yet another Alcazar sibling?  Remember when Ric first came on he had worked with Luis Alcazar in some capacity.  Is it possible that Ric was involved with Luis and Lorenzo's sister? 

What about a Q Family connection?  Fans have been promised that the Quartermaines will be brought back to their former prominence and this has the fans making some interesting speculations.  Remember when Tracey admitted to a mob connection in her younger years?  Could Sarah Brown's character be a child of Tracey's from a mob love affair?