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Y&R Out of Scripts, Scab Scripts Start Dec 26th

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Brace yourself Young & Restless fans! Word is starting to leak out that #1 rated soap didn't have quite as big a stockpile of scripts as had been earlier reported. There has been no official confirmation (is there ever until its already happened?) but speculation has it that scab writers have already taken over and their scripts could start appearing on our TV screens as early as December 26th. I guess we'll all have to start paying closer attention to writer credits at the beginning of the show much earlier than anticipated.

My question is this. If the above is true, why in the world wasn't the #1 rated soap more prepared? Reportedly the ABC soaps and Guiding Light have scripts through February sweeps (though with word of  Y&R I'm beginning to doubt those reports). Why is the Young & Restless running out of scripts a full month before even the earliest projections for at least four other soaps? This reeks of mismanagement or incompetence or both.

P.s. Online rumors are also mounting that with the reported firing of LML from Young & Restless that there are behind the scenes negotiations taking place to bring her on All My Children after the strike ends. How's that for a rumor?

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