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GH Scoops & Spoilers 12.07.07

Here's the Scoop!

The Battle Lines have been drawn!  Johnny Z says he's in control but is he really?  No!  Trevor is still controlling the Zacchara organization and his main target is Sonny Corinthos.  Trevor is determined to take control of Port Charles. As I told you, Trevor and Johnny approach Skye and she holds her ground. Ric will tell his father to back off Skye.  Then Trevor has a warning for Jason.  Johnny makes the decision to call a truce between the two families.  Too bad Trevor already has his army in place and what Johnny says, means nothing.  When Johnny realizes he has no control, he'll meet up with Lulu.  This is when the pair should be walking into Trevor's trap.  Can Johnny save them?

What about the serial killer on the loose?  Well between the mob war that's brewing and the strangler taking out the women of Port Charles there's going to be a lot to deal with.  Maxie seems to spiral out of control and RUMORS have Robin trying to help her.  RUMORS also have a Johnny/Maxie hook-up and I am hearing that Lulu finds Johnny Z in bed with another woman.  Do these two scoops go hand in hand?

Text messages are being RUMORED to be sent to a few people.  We saw in the previews that Georgie gets one asking about her sis.  The PCPD got one.  Now I am hearing that Sonny gets one too.  His is RUMORED to claim that Kate is next. 

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Will Robin reconsider Patrick's compromise?  That's one RUMOR out there.  After Georgie's death, Patrick and Robin get closer.  RUMOR has it that Dr. Scorpio will agree to Patrick's terms if he agrees to seriously consider having a baby with her.  I am hearing that their reunion includes sex on New Year's Eve.  Also, I'm still seeing that Robin is attacked and injured.  This has Patrick changing his mind and we should be getting that baby storyline for sweeps.