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Lucas, you are not a DiMera! Spoilers 12.10.07

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Lucas, Lucas, Lucas…
How many times have I told you, you are not a DiMera and your schemes always come back to bite you on your butt!  Poor Lucas is in the poo this week on Days of our Lives.  Bo and Hope trace Kate’s gun and find out Lucas was the buyer.  Not only that, but they also discover he bought two guns - have they just found their third shooter?  Lucas gets tipped off that they know and starts to freak (who knew the Salem PD could actually get something right?).  Meanwhile, Kate goes ahead with the plan to “continue” the vendetta, and cuts the brake lines on Patch and Kayla’s car – she almost gets caught by Patch, but manages to get away.  Yay! Between this week and last week, we’re seeing the return of Kate the Bitch! Well if Sami’s not going to and Andre is "dead", someone’s gotta step up to the plate... maybe we'll get to see her in drag....

Patch and Kayla discuss having another baby… erm… I’m sorry, but how old are these people supposed to be?  Don't get me wrong, I like Patch and Kayla, but... OK, how about they actually do adopt a child this time, or even foster one instead (I think that would be cool).  I know that Patch missed out on most of Stephanie’s life and I'm also aware we're rather short on the next generation of Brady men since we only currently have Shawn (we need REX and ERIC back - stat - as Max is not a blood-Brady), but still...

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The walls close inon Lucas even more when the gun he packaged and sent himself goes missing (he’s doing well this week, isn’t he?).  Unbeknownst to him, EJ has been eavesdropping on the conversations at Apt 32 via a baby monitor (so simple, yet so effective, I LOVE IT!) and hears Lucas tell Kate he sent his gun to himself.  EJ poses as Lucas and gets the package delivered to his apartment instead.  Seems that EJ has a few tricks up his sleeve now, as we’ll also see him up and out of his chair - only to jump back in it when Sami is around.

Belle, Shawn, Philip and Chloe attend their High School reunion and catch up with old friends (sadly not Mimi or Jan).  Chloe does as her character is supposed to and throws a spanner in the works on Shelle’s happy marriage – she tells Shawn she saw Belle outside of Philip’s hotel room and as you can guess, he’s not too happy about it. He of course confronts Belle and asks her the question we're all dying to know - what's so special about your hoo hoo? Meanwhile, Chloe tries it on with Philip, but he’s been there and done that, he ony wants Ring-my-Belle (thanks to TV Fan Online member Jammylove for Belle's new nickname).  But maybe Chloe will have more luck next week...?

Missing in Action this week: Marlena :(