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Weekly Horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope by Susyn Blair-Hunt, MsD

December 10 - December 16, 2007

ARIES: Ever notice how Zach Braff (John Dorian "Scrubs") zips around Sacred Heart Hospital with seemingly endless energy? Surprise, he's an Aries like you! Things speed up this week, but you're on top of your game and ready for anything. Your biggest challenge will be maneuvering around all the slow pokes that get in your way. Party-hopping takes up most of your weekend, as you zip from one festivity to another to celebrate the season.

TAURUS: You get a lot of joy from giving to others, and your generosity expands even farther this week. If you're throwing a holiday party, don't sweat the small stuff. Everyone will be there, as your celebrations have a reputation for being lively and festive. And like Taurus Linda Dano (Rae Cummings - "OLTL"), you're the perfect host, no matter how big the crowd! Schedule in a nap or two this weekend, you'll be exhausted from all the fun!

GEMINI: You're walking around in a daze this week, sort of like Gemini Jerry Mathers' character "The Beave" on "Leave It To Beaver". If the world seems puzzling or out of balance, it's time to stop thinking so much and just live in the moment. Or better yet, quit procrastinating, put some of your favorite Christmas music on the stereo and start wrapping those presents that need to be in the mail this week!

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CANCER: Nothing can dim that eternal optimism you carry this time of year, even if holiday plans keep getting changed. Like Cancer twins Tia and Tamara Mowry ("Sister Sister") you always look for the silver lining in any situation. You're having second thoughts about a holiday gift you recently purchased, but resist the urge to take it back or exchange it for something else. The fact is, they'll love it!

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LEO: There's no problem too big or too small for you to put your two cents in this week. You're a powerhouse of information, and like fellow Leo Kim Cattrell (Samantha - "Sex And The City"), you actually thrive on the chaos you're confronted with this week. Though you'd love to throw a holiday party, you're much too busy; so just be sure to schedule in a cameo appearance at every one you're invited to attend!

VIRGO: Like Virgo Peter Falk's character in "Columbo", you've got your eyes and ears open for clues this week. Whether you're trying to find out what a loved one wants for Christmas, or crawling under the tree yourself to shake the presents, it's all about discovery. You always throw the perfect holiday party, but double check your guest list; it seems you forgot to invite a very special person!

LIBRA: You're a bit accident prone this week, so watch your step and drive defensively. Chevy Chase is one Libra who is an expert at pratfalls, but you're not, so move with caution. It's common to feel more emotional this time of year, so give yourself a break if you start feeling overwhelmed. A little self-nurturing will get you back on track, so give yourself permission to rest, get a massage or take a bubble bath!

SCORPIO: Your warmth embodies the holiday spirit wherever you go, and this week, it seems like you'll be going plenty of places! You've taken on a more youthful glow these days, and like Scorpio Sally Field ("Gidget", "Flying Nun") you know it's because you've been taking better care of yourself. A present you hid months ago turns up missing when you go to wrap it, but don't worry. You've just forgotten where it is: Happy hunting!

SAGITTARIUS: Duty calls this week, so while everyone else is out having holiday fun, you're stuck with the tasks. But, like Sagittarius Kieffer Sutherland ("24"), when there's work to be done you simply roll up your sleeves and get busy! Not to worry though, if you can get through Friday, you'll sail through the weekend like a fabulous social butterfly; fleeting from party to party like it's Oscar night!

CAPRICORN: Looking for the secret to success? You already know it. It's having a passion for what you do. Like Capricorn Ryan Seacrest, who seems to pop up in every entertainment venue around, it's time to start networking and expand your career options, if not your financial ones. Yes, you're aware that Christmas is coming, but what's the rush? You've got another week or so; that's plenty of time!

You make the most of things, no matter where you end up this week. Like Aquarian Alan Alda's character Hawkeye on "M.A.S.H.", you know just how to take lemons and make them into lemonade, with a twist! And speaking of drinks, try to pace yourself at social gatherings. Between that temptation and the endless tables of holiday goodies calling your name, you could end up with a hangover, a tummy ache, or both!

PISCES: Like fellow Pisces Patrick Duffy ("Dallas", "Step by Step"), you're focused on getting everyone together for the holidays, not to mention trying to mend a few broken fences between loved ones. Your idealistic ways are to be applauded, and in fact, you may just work a few miracles that result in a more harmonious and joyful holiday. One of your favorite people drops by unexpectedly this week, with a special gift just for you!

Celebrity Birthdays This Week: Susan Dey ("The Partridge Family", "LA Law"), Donna Mills ("Knots Landing"), Mayim Bialik ("Beaches", "Blossom"), Christie Clark (Carrie Brady, "Days of Our Life"), Patty Duke ("The Patty Duke Show"), Adam Brody (Seth Cohen, "The OC") and Benjamin Bratt ("Law and Order").

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