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Top 10 Newcomers of 2007


Without question General Hospital had the best year in terms of newcomers. It dominated our list with four extremely talented actors Megan Ward, Sebastian Roche, Carolyn Hennesy, and Brandon Barash. No other show could even compete with as many great new characters.

Top 10 Newcomers

1. Megan Ward (Kate Howard, General Hospital)

2. Billy Miller (Richie Novak, All My Children)

3. John Brotherton (Jared Banks, One Life to Live)

4. Sebastian Roche (Jerry Jacks, General Hospital)

5. Carolyn Hennesy (Diane Miller, General Hospital)

6. Murray Bartlett (Cyrus Foley, Guiding Light)

7. Dylan Bruce (Chris Hughes, As the World Turns)

8. Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick (William Richard Winslow, Guiding Light)

9. Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara, General Hospital)

10. Sabine Singh (Greenlee Smythe, All My Children)

It was extremely hard to choose between Megan Ward or Billy Miller for the number one spot on our list.

Billy Miller's Richie Novak is without question the best male character All My Children has created in at least three years. Sure he is twisted and dastardly but that's what makes him fun to watch. He says things to characters such as Ryan, Jonathon, Annie and others that many of us as fans have been dreaming of for years. All My Children finally has a true villain and its worth it.

Now with all that being said, you may be wondering how in the world did General Hospital's Megan Ward as Kate Howard earn our top spot when Billy Miller was such prime candidate? To put it bluntly, Sonny Corinthos. From the moment she burst into the coffee shop demanding to use the phone Megan Ward's Kate Howard has done for Sonny Corinthos what multiple Brendabots failed to do. She has put some humor back in Sonny's world. Megan Ward and Maurice Bernard have obvious chemistry and one can often see a twinkle in the eyes of the two actors during their scenes. What is most amazing though, is how Megan Ward and Kate have single handily made it possible for those of us who have been railing against the Sonny dominated mob violence of General Hospital enjoy the occasional Sonny scene without wanting to blow our brains out with Jason Morgan's sniper rifle.

Each of the remaining actors on our list have brought something unique to their respective show which we thought should be highlighted.

John Brotherton as the caddish rogue Jared Banks has made it possible for One Life to Live fans to put the Jolie vs. JoVan wars behind us. Thank goodness. Our recommendation; enjoy him while you can because he could be the next Josh Duhamel.

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Sebastian Roche is probably the most controversial of our picks as Jerry Jacks but there is no denying that he is a talented actor and that Jerry Jacks provides an important counter weight to the Sonny and Jason love fest.

Carolyn Hennesy and her character Diane Miller have provided us the viewers with more laughter than one could ever imagine. From her fashion obsession, her superiority complex, her snarky one-liners, and her hard line insistence that Sonny keep her out of his business we can't help but love her.

What is there to say about Guiding Light's Murray Bartlett as Cyrus Foley? As Lisa put it "He has given GL the missing suave element that was needed in the younger adult set. He is a good foil for the heroes as well as the villains on that soap. You want to scold him for being a bad boy but dong gone it! You can't get past his charm."

Who knew that when As the World Turns recast the character of Chris Hughes yet again that we'd end up with such a refreshing actor as Dylan Bruce? One might have thought that opposite Don Hastings, Katherine Hayes, and KelleyMenighan Hensley a newcomer such as Dylan Bruce might have fallen flat but he hasn't. He hasn't. He has excelled.

Guiding Light's Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick as William Winslow is the youngest and the newest actor to make our list. No one, not even All My Children's Billy Miller does creepy as well as this Davey-Fitzpatrick. Unlike many child actors whose characters have to be SORASED we would like nothing more than to watch this actor and his evil character grow up on our screens.

The last of the four General Hospital actors to make our list is Brandon Barash as Johnny Zacchara. With all of our distaste for General Hospital's mob element we actually like the dynamic he and his character bring to Port Charles. We can only hope that his relationship with Lulu and the rumors of his pairing with Maxie will give him something other than the mob to focus on. To put it simply, Barash brings something a lot of newcomers don't and that is a talent and chemistry with almost everyone he shares a scene with.

Lastly, we chose All My Children'sSabine Singh, who quite possibly had the worst possible job of any newcomer in 2007. Filling the shoes of a popular actress and an equally popular character. As Tina put it "Sabine Singh deserves to be on the list for taking all the #$&^$ thrown at her byTPTB . She has jumped through every hoop imaginable, and endured some of the worst backlash in recent All My Children memory with a smile on her face, a determination to do her best with what she's given, and never a complaint." For this reason we have included Singh on our list. Kudos to Singh for surviving 2007. We wouldn't wish her job on anyone.

Honorable Mentions: Laurretta Vaughn (Kit, As the World Turns) Daniel Goddard (Cane, Young & Restless), Josh Duhon (Logan, General Hospital), and Jason Gerhardt (Coop, General Hospital)