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GH Scoop & Spoilers 12.11.07

Here's the Scoop!

So what else is out there in regards to Sarah B's return? You all know there is plenty of speculation. I am still seeing more and more that she will be Zacchara's daughter who comes to town to save her brother from their father's fate. I am also still seeing that Ric plays into this somehow, however it may be just him remembering her from their past together. An interesting twist is that Miss Zacchara may be tested against one of PC's finest. Any guesses?

It'll be a somber Christmas at GH this year. Georgie's death has a few residents following the life is short mantra. There is talk that Kirsten Storms put out some great stuff with the death of Georgie. Bradford Anderson is getting some kudos too. Will Spinelli know before Georgie dies that she has the warm and fuzzies for the Jackal? I am seeing that he will and its StoneCold telling him.

I am hearing that Kate takes off for the Big Apple for the holidays leaving a miserable Sonny behind. Kate isn't much happier than her mob-boyfriend and you know the saying, misery loves company. Throw in a couple of couture loving attorneys and you have a story for the holidays. RUMOR has it that Alexis and Diane team up to bring Kate back from Manhattan. So what has her leaving PC in the first place? RUMORS say that Kate is almost shot!

It'll be a little bit of a Rexis Christmas. Ric will be at Alexis' house with the girls.

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Liason will be at the MetroCourt for New Year's Eve. But I am also hearing the MC may become their meeting place. RUMORS are that Jason is worried someone may see him at Elizabeth's house, making her a target so they meet there. I am also seeing RUMORS that Lucky goes there to bust up what he thinks is a mob meeting and finds Elizabeth in bed.

Are the PCPD making an arrest? I am hearing RUMORS that they are but its no one we know. Apparently a day-player will be arrested, someone that was a worker at the ball. They have the wrong man and that will become apparant when someone else is attacked. The signs are more and more pointing in Coop's direction. Will his former employment factor in? Remember I told you that Spinelli and Georgie will believe Coop is suspect #1. Jason has a lot of faith in Spinelli and breaks into Cooper's room. Are Lulu and Liz the next to be attacked? Remember, Robin is RUMORED to be attacked after Georgie's death.

Is Anthony Zacchara coming back?
RUMORED to die in the prison hospital he currently resides in, I am hearing that they may have changed their minds. ZaCrazy MAY BE making a recovery in the new year.

Max shot? Two of Sonny's guys killed?

Luke (our Luke, not Spencer) was right. You go on recurring and all the sudden you show up on our screens more. Look for more Bobbie scenes with her brother heading into surgery.