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GH Scoops & Spoilers 12.12.07

Here's the Scoop!

Remember I told you Sam will think she's the next victim?  Apparently she receives a text message telling her she's next.  Can she use this threat to help the investigation?  Looks like Sam may be like Lulu, wanting to use herself as bait to bring the killer out.

I mentioned the suspect the police come up with.  We should see him this week, early next.  Also, the PCPD are still watching Johnny Z and will evidence in Georgie's murder point to the Jackal? 

Kate is almost shot at the MetroCourt!  Sonny and Trevor are meeting and as she comes up to their table a shot is fired.  Who is the target, Sonny or Trevor? 

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Whodunnit?  That's the million dollar question.  What do the victims have in common?  Is it Coop?  He seems to be the frontrunner but is that what Guza and GH intended?  So many questions and even more theories.  Remember I mentioned awhile back that Georgie gets suspicious of Cooper.  OLD RUMORS had Maxie telling Georgie who Coop really is, a Metro Court Hostage Taker.  The sisters do talk and Georgie asks Maxie how much she really knows about Coop. 

Jason and Johnny team up to find the killer.  They should be enemies but its seems like Jason and Johnny make a good team. 

RUMORS are swirling around the net that baby Jake's paternity is going to be changed.   FROM WHAT I KNOW, this is NOT TRUE.  Jake should remain Jason's child.  When Lucky is RUMORED to find Jason and Elizabeth together at the MetroCourt, he'll be furious.  Jason isn't keeping up his end of the bargain which is to stay away from Elizabeth.  RUMOR has it that Elizabeth tells Lucky she will not stop seeing Jason.  This should be when Lucky files for emergency custody of the boys and IT MAY be when Lucky "outs" Jason and Elizabeth's relationship.  Right now the RUMORS say that Liz loses custody to Lucky and she will not have her children returned to her for about a month.  There will be a custody trial and Jason & Elizabeth will move in together.