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More GH Spoilers 12.12.07

Jason and Monica are RUMORED to have a run in. It doesn't look like it'll be a happy one. Monica still very much holds Jason responsible for Emily's death.

As RUMORED before it looks like Nikolas' condition will affect his relatives. Now I am taking this as his condition is in the genes, so to speak. Will Emily be the one to save him? Ever since Emily's death, Nikolas' rages have pretty much disappeared. Seeing Emily is a part of his condition, just a good part.

Mums the word on a few upcoming stories. Despite all the rumblings and rumors, Sarah Brown's return is pretty hush hush. Also, the HIV Baby s/l. It SHOULD still be a go but the details are not readily available.

Backstage Scoop... we've talked about Josh Duhon's problems behind the scenes. He's not well liked by the crew and didn't seem to have too many friends at work. Well RUMORS say he's much more friendly with his cast mates than he previously was. Still not a favorite of the crew but TPTB love his acting.

Scab Writers are working right now and some backstage buzz is that the overall feel on set is much happier than it has been.

Georgie's death...

happens in the park, she knows the killer and Spinelli finds her.

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Before that...

Maxie says some harsh things to her sis. Remember, Georgie questions how much Maxie really knows about Coop and just how much she trusts him. Apparently, Maxie lashes out at Georgie. If only she knew that was the last time she'd ever talk to her sister.

While Georgie's being murdered...

Maxie is getting ready for a hot date with Coop. Remember Sam offers up her pad and hot tub. Sam should have mentioned it to Lucky as he walks in and finds Maxie waiting in the hot tub. He'll leave and Cooper arrives. Lucky comes back to get Maxie and breaks the news that Georgie is dead.

Maxie is devastated...

and Mac is worried about her health so he brings her to GH. There, he'll tell Robin that Georgie has been murdered.

Spinelli is brought in for questioning...

and then released. He'll head back to the PH and tell StoneCold what has happened to his faithful friend.