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Singh Out, Budig Returns to All My Children

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BREAKING NEWS! SON is reporting that Sabine Singh has been fired and Rebecca Budig is coming back to All My Chidlren in early 2008!

WHOOHOOO!!!! I'm doing a happy dance! I'm doing a happy dance! This is the best way to end 2007 and begin 2008 that I could ever imagine...

Ok, I need to step back and look at this rationally.
Having Budig is the best news but I need to remember this is the show that royally botched Cady McClain's return, destroyed Zendall, brought us Zarf, killed off Simone, and has left its veterans flaililng in the wind. Having Budig back is excellent but I'm not sure I can handle them having Greenlee chasing after Ryan again. And how are they going to undo the horrible hatched job they've attacked Sabine's Greenlee with?

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Also, how does this factor into the rumored desire on the part of Alicia Minshew and Thorsten Kaye to leave the show and the rumored departure of Jacob Young? How does Eden Riegel's supposed return factor into all this? Could it be that TPTB are bringing back Budig and Riegel because they know that Minshew wants out and may not be sticking around when her contract is up? Could TPTB be worried about the monstrous void left on the canvas if Minshew leaves?