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Top 10 Travesties of 2007

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This was the easiest of our Top 10 of 2007 Lists. It fell into place  almost without thinking. Any soap viewer who endured one or more of these travesties should give themselves a pat on the back for having made it through 2007. Here's to hoping that TPTB have learned from the mistakes of 2007 and won't repeat them in 2008.

 Top 10 Travesties

1. The Destruction of All My Children

2. The Dismantling of Young & Restless

3. The Systematic Extermination of the Quartermaine family (General Hospital)

4. The firings of Victoria Rowell, Adrianne Leon, Stuart Damon, Eileen Davidson, Drake Hogestyn, Phil Carey, and Cady McClain (twice!)

4. Cleo Babbit (As the World Turns)

5. Vincent (Passions)

6. Paul/Meg/Craig (As the World Turns)

7. Josh & Cassie (Guiding Light)

8. Constantine (Bold & Beautiful)

9. Touch the Sky (Days of Our Lives)

10. Lack of Minorities on Soaps STILL (All except One Life to Live)

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